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→ W E L C O M E H O M E ←
Hello, stranger. You're certainly a new face. I've never seen you around here before, and I'm sure things aren't looking too familiar for you. Don't worry, though. This place ain't so bad. Let me give you a run-down of our lovely little hotel--although I use the term "little" somewhat loosely. The property itself provides over 5 square acres of suites and party rooms, including the lobby and main ballroom, with plenty of services to accommodate. Got an appetite? Head over to the food court downstairs, or if you prefer something fancy, the restaurant is up on the second floor. Only feel like a drink and a casual game of pool? There's an all-night open bar just across the floor. If you want to take a swim, or work out or train, the indoor pool and fitness rooms are right in back. We even have an internet terminal, just past the cozy little coffee shop toward the entrance. And if you want to just step back and take a breath of fresh air, outside is just through those revolving doors. You can even explore if you like. Keep in mind, though, that once you hit the fountain in the center of the courtyard, you will only find yourself going in circles.

Well, that's the hotel. Go on ahead and make yourself comfortable. You won't be going anywhere for a while.

→ G U I D E L I N E S ←
¤ There are no prerequisites needed to join. No application, no sample posts, no nothing. Just make a journal for whatever character you wish to play (or use one you already have, if you like), join the community, and start posting. ♥ Most people come in to try out new muses before playing them seriously, and others (like myself) play here simply because we're bored people. Whatever the reason is alright by me.

¤ Capcom characters only. Allowing anyone else here would defeat the purpose of this being a Capcom-based Dressing Room, wouldn't it? :) If you're unsure of who's okay to bring into this community and who is not, here's a Capcom Games Wiki to skim through. Multiples and alternates are allowed as well, so don't be put off when you see a gender-bent version of your character running around. Just let your character do the freaking out for you. ;) Likewise, there is no limit to how many characters one person can play. 'Cause who's keeping track, really?

¤ Any style of RP is acceptable. Everyone has their own style of playing, so try not to be too surprised when someone unexpectedly starts replying to you in the third person. With that said, play in the style that you feel is the most comfortable for you. Don't feel pressured into playing a certain way, and don't pressure others to play in yours.

¤ In-Character interactions within the community only. Now, whatever you decide to write in your own character journals is up to you, but all main interactions should be posted here. This rule is needed to prevent confusion, especially for players who use their journals for more than one game.

¤ No God-modding. It's not nice, and it's really just pointless. If you really feel the need to write someone else's character for them, write a fanfiction. Otherwise, control your own characters, and only your own.

¤ KEEP THE DRAMA OUT. We're all here to have fun, ya? Dressing Rooms are not supposed to be serious, if you haven't noticed that already.

¤ Questions? Concerns? Drop me a line here, or message me if you want to keep it private.


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